Private transfers

Wuhan virus (COVID-19 Notice

Please do not come for a transfer if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms

  • nasal congestion
  • sore throat
  • achiness
  • fever (>100.4F)
  • cough
  • shortness of breath

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, self-isolate and call your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or other health care clinician for guidance.

We will store your firearm free of charge until the emergency passes and you are healthy.


By law, all transfers must occur on premises. We will be conducting transfers on the premises in the driveway.

We've long been doing this for clients with physical handicaps, so it is not something that novel for us, and works fine. The major changes you will notice:

  • Upon arrival, park in the driveway. If we aren't out in a minute, call us at 999-1446.
  • We will come out with the paperwork, and begin the transfer. The basic process will be the same, just everything will be conducted in the driveway.
  • Upon a "Proceed" determination from the FBI NICS section, we will bring out the firearm for the final serial number check.
  • The process takes a bit longer, so we will be scheduling people a bit further apart.

You are either the buyer or the seller for a non-commercial sale between two individuals.

We can perform a background check ("NICS check") for the sale. We have done this in the past, when the seller desired an extra assurance concerning a sale. As of recently, the government of New Mexico now requires such a check for private sales. We acknowledge that this change in New Mexico law is not intended to reduce crime, but is intended to hassle innocent citizens, Our intention is to make compliance with the law as straightforward and easy as possible. (Like many FFLs and almost all sheriffs in New Mexico, We lobbied against the requirement.) Given the current environment, we would like to make the process as unobstructive as possible and still meet the requirements of current legislation until it can be repealed or overturned.

The actual official text of the legislation can be found at SB-8, Final Version.
We are not lawyers, so we will interpret the legislation in accordance with its plain meaning until the state government informs us otherwise.

Here's how the process works.

  1. All purchasing financial details are between the buyer and the seller.
  2. Email us (prefered) or call us to schedule a transfer time. Our address is info[AT] — replace the [AT] with the @ symbol.
    Most appointments are in the late afternoon or early evening, 5:30 PM through 7:00 PM, although we've been able to accommodate weekends and even mornings at times. (We work out of our home, which helps keep expenses down.)
  3. If the seller desires, he or she may come earlier and leave the firearm with us.
  • The upside is that the seller doesn't have to coordinate an appointment with the buyer.
  • The downside is that if the sale falls through for any reason, then the seller would have to undergo a background check and pay the fee in order to get the firearm back.
  • In any case, we will examine the firearm to ensure that we can do the transfer.
  • The buyer will fill out the required paperwork. The following are required.
    1. If the buyer is a legal resident of the state of New Mexico:
      1. A government issued photo ID with the current (yes, that's in bold for a reason) residential address and birthdate. Examples of these include a New Mexico Drivers license (including the valid temporary renewal print-out), a New Mexico ID card, or a New Mexico Concealed Handgun License.
      2. A federal or state-issued photo ID not showing your current residential address plus one of the following the does show your current residential address:
        • A current valid New Mexico motor vehicle registration card. (In most cases, the temporary drivers license that is given will suffice.)
        • A current valid New Mexico hunting or fishing license.
        • A valid New Mexico voter registration card.
        • A water bill issued by a government authority within the past 45 days.
        • Other government issued document showing your current residential address.
      3. If the buyer is not a United States citizen, also bring the "green card".
    2. If the buyer is a member of the Armed Forces on active duty stationed in New Mexico:
      1. A copy of the PCS orders (TDY orders are not acceptable); and
      2. The military identification card.
    3. If the buyer is not a U.S. citizen and has a nonimmigrant visa, please call to establish what additional documentation is required.
  • We will review the initial paperwork, collect our fee, and should all be well, we'll contact the FBI for the instant background check ("NICS Check"). This normally takes about five minutes.
  • The FBI's instant background (NICS) check can have three results.
    - Proceed.
    We can proceed with the transfer. (This is the most common occurrence.)
    We will take possesion of the firearm (if we don't have it already), do the required paperwork, and complete the transfer.
    - Delayed.
    The transfer is delayed while the FBI continues the background check. If a final determination is not received after three intervening business days, we can continue the transfer.
    • If the seller has not already delivered the firearm to us, he or she may retain it. However, it must be brought back to us prior to transferring the firearm.
    • If the seller opts to leave the firearm with us, we can complete the transfer without the seller returning. However, should the deal fall through, the seller would have to successfully complete a background check in order to retake possession of the firearm.
    - Denied.
    The transfer is denied. We will provide information on how to appeal, but we are by law (for privacy reasons) not allowed to assist.


    The following are our fees, effective July 2019. Fees shown already include New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax.

    • We charge $15 for the first firearm with a single NICS Background Check.
    • We charge $5 for each additional firearm on a single NICS check. (E.g., a handgun and two lower receivers is $15 + 2 x $5 = $25.)
    • Multiple sales reports go into a federal firearms database. We no longer charge a separate fee for the report.
      • Handguns.Any transfer of two or more handguns within five business days requires a multiple sales report.
      • Rifles.In New Mexico, two or more semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines and caliber greater than .22 that are transferred within five business days.
  • A storage fee for items not picked up after 14 days from notification of receipt. The storage fee is $5 for each week or portion of a week.
  • A handling fee of $5 per incident for the second or subsequent missed appointment. (Please call if you're running late: we often can still do the transfer at a rescheduled time without charging a fee.)